Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

The story of Abu Nawas: Ashamed To the Thief

This time it presents the story of Abu Nawas attitude in dealing with thieves. Abu Nawas of daily living hand to mouth, there is still visited by thieves, what ya want the thief to steal it.One night a burglar had broken into the house of Abu Nawas, and lucky, Abu Nawas see it.But because of embarrassment, Abu Nawas directly hiding inside a large box located on the corner of the room.Abu Nawas known by everyone does have a large garden, but he always tried to appear modest, it was shown by her house just a simple tile repose and invisible luxury goods like pottery jars or other valuable objects.But I do not know, what makes someone trying to get into in order to gain valuable objects. With slow steps, the thief entered the house of Abu Nawas through the back door quietly.Abu Nawas HidingGeez .... the thief managed to get into the house Abunawas and headed straight for the space center.Deftly, the thief who was then acting alone watched one after valuables in the room. The thief immediately rummaged through the house of Abu Nawas.Like most of the other thief, the thief also looking for money or any valuables owned by the Abu Nawas. He opened the cabinets, drawers, looking under-under, and in other places. But he did not find any valuables owned by the Abu Nawas.All the rooms in the house of Abu Nawas was noticed with the good. Every corner of the room did not escape the gaze in order to obtain valuable asset of Abu Nawas.But it seems the movements of the thief was known to the Abu Nawas.It's just that, knowing his home visited by a thief, Abu Nawas instead of calling for help, he instead hid in a big box in the corner with the hope the thief does not know its existence.Hand VacuumThe thief is very flexible to find valuables in the house of Abu Nawas, but for nearly an hour the thief did not find any valuable items.Thieves almost gave up and decided to get out of the house of Abu Nawas, but suddenly his eyes fixed on the big box in a corner room teletak Abu Nawas.The thieves are very happy because he believes that if the box is saved benada treasure he was looking for. In her mind, in a large box to deposit some gold bars or a few pearls that if sold would generate a lot of money that can be used to dissipate.Although the big box snaps strong from the inside, but with full force, the thief managed to open the box.Hiyaa ... thieves and Abu Nawas each other face to face and surprise each other, and thieves as well as disappointed in a big box there was also no nothing except the Abu Nawas huddled in dalmnya."Hey ... what are you doing in there?" asked the thief."I'm hiding from you," replied Abu Nawas with shame."So what?" asked the thief again."I'm ashamed of you, because I do not have anything that can give you. That is the reason why I'm hiding in this box," replied Abu Nawas again.After receiving the response, the thief had left the house of Abu Nawas away empty-handed, with feelings of disappointment and wonder, why the Abu Nawas that has a large garden usually can not really have any valuables you have.That Abu Nawas, he appeared with a very simple in his life but he was always grateful to Allah because he believes if a person who is more needy than he's still a lot.

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